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iDo Wedding Couple Edition is now free! Product Key: A4499-L7944-W9944-W4772

PrintJobs is now free! Product Key: QQ7E4-QH6M3-HH8F6-PV6H3

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Soon, all software will be free...stay tuned!

About Elm Software

It all started while on our honeymoon... ↓ We arrive at Manele Bay resort in Lanai. ↓ My wife relaxing at Manele Bay. ↓ John at The Lodge at Koele in Lanai. ↓ Back home putting together our first 500 iDo CDs! ↓ My wife and I at our first tradeshow in 2004. ↓ Our daughter hugs the latest iDo CD. ↓

Our Story

When I was a programming consultant in the Philadelphia area, I was always proud of the programs I created for the companies that contracted my services. However, whenever my contracts ended, I would move on to another company, another project--never to see my development efforts again. My 'art' did not belong to me and I had nothing to show for my efforts. This 'disconnection from my art' was one of my primary motivations for starting Elm Software.

In 2004, I got married to my wonderful wife and went on a honeymoon in Hawaii...Maui and Lanai to be exact. My marriage and the honeymoon was the perfect 'reset' for my life. I talked to my wife about what I wanted to do with my life and we both decided that it was time to start my company. I read about starting a company and many recommended that the best way to start is to go 'all or nothing'. So I decided to 'go all.' Upon my return, I stopped consulting and dedicated all of my time and energy to creating the first program for Elm Software.

At the time, my wife and I just went through the planning process for our own wedding. This information was fresh in our minds, and we both thought that the perfect first program for our new company would be wedding software for brides and grooms. We launched the product on our website and received our first order within a week! We then attended a local bridal show, demonstrated the software to hundreds of brides and grooms and sold a ton of copies! While at the show, wedding planning professionals would approach our booth and ask that I write a program for them. Since then, our focus has been to develop the best wedding planning software. To date, our wedding software products have sold in all 50 states and in different countries. Elm Software has quickly established itself as the leader in the wedding planning software industry.

Our History

June 28th, 2020

We will give our software away for free!

March 14th, 2013

Officially released iDo. Visit for more information.

We are super-pumped about our latest version because it is the first of its kind.

True collaboration with you and your loved ones is now possible with our latest version of iDo. All your data is stored in an internet based database ("the cloud") and is safe and secure. iDo is built for speed so when you load your 300 contacts it is lightning fast and there for you in an instant. This is definitely the future of iDo, please take a look and send me your thoughts! We hope to earn your business!

February 14th, 2013

Released iDo in the cloud to beta. Visit for more information.

iDo is wedding planning software in the cloud.

We are working on finalizing the home design of iDoHQ. Our latest version of iDo, the future of iDo, is cloud based. All of your data will be securely stored in an database on the internet. This will allow for brides and grooms and moms and dads and wedding professionals to collaboratively plan in the cloud. Everyone will always be on the same page. All of the how-to videos are done for the new iDo, see that at


Worked on iDo in the cloud.

Bug fixes and product enhancements were provided to our existing product line.


Began the work on iDo in the cloud. Moving everything to the cloud.


On January 30th, 2010, we released iDo Wedding Couple Edition version 10.

On May 25th, 2010, we updated the iDo Wedding Couple Edition feature tour to reflect version 10.


On January 10th, 2009, we launched Tabula Rasa Professional Edition, an room layout + seating chart software program for event planning professionals. With feedback from our wedding and event professional customers, we have created a program that facilitates the creation of professional looking event layouts and designs with the added ability to seat attendees at tables with ease. We focused on making the reports look professional and customizable. Tabula Rasa integrates with the Attendee information added in iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition.

On January 26th, 2009, we released Tabula Rasa Couple Edition, for our brides and grooms.
Tabula Rasa Couple Edition integrates with iDo Wedding Couple Edition.

On July 28th, 2009, we completed our website redesign.

On November 1st, we released iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition version 10.


We release iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition 9.5 and work on our new room layout + seating chart software programs using Microsoft .Net.
Other business things were done but mostly we focused on development.


We rolled out three updates for iDo Wedding Couple Edition, three updates for iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition.

We made all Elm Software products Windows Vista compatible.
Elm Software attends our first ABC conference in Orlando, Florida.
We move to our new house/headquarters in Chester Springs, Pennsylvania.


PrintJobs is released on September 5, 2006. PrintJobs is printing software designed to make creating labels, envelopes, and tent cards extremely easy. We believe that it is the perfect replacement for mail merge because it greatly reduces the number of steps to create large label, envelope, or tent card reports. PrintJobs was created to meet the printing demands of our iDo customers...both wedding couples and professionals. PrintJobs integrates with both versions of iDo.

Association of Bridal ConsultantsWe become a member of ABC, the Association of Bridal Consultants.


Our third product, iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition was released on December 1st, 2005. This wedding software program is designed for wedding and event planning professionals looking for a single application to solve all their business needs. iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition provides the ability to manage all your clients, contracts, and full-service planning needs. iDo Wedding and Event Professional is built off of the iDo Wedding Couple Edition engine and developed with the collective input of hundreds of wedding professionals.


Our first product, iDo Wedding Couple Edition, was launched on August 31st, 2004. Since its launch, iDo has sold in all 50 United States and in different countries. iDo Wedding Couple Edition is the only wedding software program to have a 5 out of 5 star rating from CNET iDo Wedding Couple Edition is Elm Software's flagship product and we continually strive to make it the best wedding software program in the world.

We also released a password management program named PasswordDock. This helpful utility stores all of your passwords in one safe, secure place.