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Join Elm Software in the growing world of electronic commerce by participating in our affiliate program. Earn a referral fee for online purchases of Elm Software products that come to our site from yours. Affiliate advertising is a simple, free and profitable way for you to create success with your website.


  1. Register as an Elm Software Affiliate through
  2. After review and approval, we will e-mail you with URLs to place on your web site.
  3. Use a text-based URL or one of our banners to update your website and start selling.

Why Join?

  • iDo Wedding Couple Edition is the highest rated wedding software program.
  • Earn 30% commission on each sale (Example: $29.95 x 30% = $8.99 commission paid).
  • No limit on the amount of referral fees.
  • It is FREE to join.

How It Works

By joining the Elm Software affiliate program and linking to through text links and banners on your site, you can earn a percent of revenues that are generated from customers who purchase at through your link.

All you have to do is sign up for the program and choose the links/graphics that work best for you. You can place the links in as many places on your site as you want. When a customer uses one of the affiliate links (to the order page, download or product URL), we install a cookie on their machine that is active for a year. When the customer purchases the product, we take the affiliate id from that cookie and credit your account.


1. Who runs the Affiliate network?

Elm Software has teamed up with to run our affiliate network and online order processing.

2. Are there any costs to join?

No. Access to our affiliate network is free.

3. How do set up my page to sell iDo Wedding Couple Edition?

After you are approved, you will be sent links that can be placed on your site. We also provide banners that can be placed instead of text links.

4. How do I get the credit for a sale?

When a customer uses one of the affiliate links (to the order page, download or product URL), a cookie is installed on their machine that is active for a year. When the customer purchases iDo, Plimus takes the affiliate id from that cookie and credits your account.

5. What if a potential customer doesn't buy right away but comes back later to purchase?

The cookie that is used to track affiliate sales activity by a potential customer persists for one year. Any sales purchased by that customer within that timeframe will result in a tracked affiliate sale. Note - If customer traffic is driven by another affiliate after the initial visit, the sale will be awarded to the most recent affiliate referrer.

6. How will I know someone ordered?

An order confirmation e-mail will be sent to you after the order is approved and processed.

7. When do I get paid?

On the 15th of every month you will receive a Monthly Payment Notification report for the previous month which includes the amount you have earned for that month. Your money will be sent on that same day depending on your selected Method of Payment, either Check, Direct Deposit, Wire Transfer or PayPal. The payment process is handled by Plimus, our order processing partner.

8. Can I promote iDo Wedding Couple Edition in paid search ads?

No. There are restrictions to promoting the Elm Software products in the search engines like Google and Overture. If you are interested in pursuing this promotional channel, you must contact us and receive prior authorization.

9. What Elm Software products can I sell?

iDo Wedding Couple Edition, Tabula Rasa Couple Edition, PrintJobs, and PasswordDock are the products offered through our on-line affiliate program.
If you would like to sell iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition and/or Tabula Rasa Professional Edition, please contact us.


Please feel free to use the banners below for your affiliate advertising. Right-click and save the image you want to use. If you would like a different size banner, please feel free to contact us.

468 x 60 - 9K
iDo Wedding Couple Edition Banner - 468 x 60

100 x 100 - 5K
iDo Wedding Couple Edition Banner - 100 x 100

125 x 125 - 5K
iDo Wedding Couple Edition Banner - 125 x 125

120 x 600 - 18K
iDo Wedding Couple Edition Banner - 120 x 600

100 x 100 - 5K
PrintJobs Banner - 100 x 100

468 x 60 - 11K
PrintJobs Banner - 468 x 60