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iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition

Version 10

Wedding Software for Wedding and Event Professionals

Organize your business! iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition helps over 800+ professionals organize and invoice their clients.

from $299.95 USD

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Product Description

iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition is wedding planning software for wedding consultants and event planners. It comes with the power of iDo Wedding Couple Edition on an infinite scale. Plan as many weddings and events as necessary while keeping track of your company's finances.

Download our free 30-day trial today and experience first-hand why you should make iDo your event business headquarters. Should you have any questions about iDo, please feel free to contact us.

iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition is network ready allowing you and your colleagues to connect to the same iDo database. The single user license is $299.95 USD, each additional license is $99.95 USD.


Clients can be individuals, couples, families, organizations or companies requiring your services for planning their special event(s). iDo makes it easy to keep track of and filter your clients' contact information and their status--if they have contacted you about your services, if you are currently planning their event, or if their event has concluded. You can also store important notes concerning your conversations and/or meetings with your clients.


Once a client decides to hire you as his/her wedding and event professional, you are ready to add a contract. As they may have annual events requiring your services, clients can have multiple contracts. Contracts represent the behind-the-scenes documentation of securing clients for planning services for the event, the client’s signature of a contract, the down payment for services, or any other means you use to know that a client is committed to employing your services.

iDo assigns each contract a unique identification number. You may find it beneficial to track when contracts were mailed and signed, which employee or "user" was responsible for securing the contract, the client’s budget for the event, the total projected cost of your services via flat or hourly rates, and the type of planning package the client selects. You may even create contract templates and print your own customizable contracts in iDo without having to type up each contract individually. In Contracts you also determine what services you will be providing and how to invoice for services provided. Adding an occasion in Contracts unlocks the full-service planning feature of iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition.


Finances contains all financial information related specifically to your business. Track money coming in and money going out. Any client invoices scheduled or paid will also be stored here. iDo allows you to filter and group transactions by specified categories that are fully customizable to fit your business needs. Quickly view any year/month totals to get a summary of your finances.


View all of your occasions and save all important meeting times and appointments in iDo's Calendar. Get a bird's eye view of appointments scheduled during any designated month. By clicking on any day of that month, you may view a more detailed view of your appointments scheduled on that day.


Add additional user accounts to allow multiple people simultaneous access to the iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition database. When you have additional users, you can assign them their own unique permissions. You may want certain to users to have full control over iDo, whereas you may not want your summer intern, for example, to delete any information in the system or view financial records. Customize your user permissions according to your needs.


Options contains preference settings for iDo Wedding and Event Professional Edition. These are the nuts and bolts of the program. All drop-down menus in iDo are pre-loaded yet customizable. Options also holds key iDo System Settings regarding your company, including contract information, rates, packages, the years to be viewed in Calendars, and even color schemes and margins for your reports and invoices. You may not add or delete, but you may edit system settings.


Contacts includes all individual guest names and address information. Saving your clients' contacts as individuals, not as couples, helps you track e-mail addresses, names of guests invited by the contacts, meals, gifts and roles more efficiently. Enter the information manually or quickly import contacts from Microsoft Outlook or a Comma Delimited Values (*.csv) file. Highlight all contacts and send out a mass save-the-date e-mail. Once your client's event has concluded, you will have compiled their most current contact list of their family members and friends. You may export this list and e-mail it to your clients.


Once you have compiled a thorough master contacts list, you are ready to assign contacts to specific invitations. In iDo, the term "invitations" describes the actual storage of invitation information–you can format invitation wording here. Invitations are created one at a time, and you can assign multiple contacts to one invitation by dragging and dropping contact names.

A unique RSVP ID will be assigned to each new invitation. This RSVP ID is to be written on the back of the RSVP for identification purposes in case the invited guests do not write their names on the RSVP. Inner and outer envelope wording is automatically suggested based on accepted wedding etiquette. You may customize the wording according to your client's preferences. Once the invitations are mailed and marked as "sent," you may eagerly await RSVPs to be returned!


Whether RSVPs will arrive via mail or phone, record all acceptances and regrets in iDo. Acceptances are saved as "Attendees." When sending out invitations, if you allowed guests to select a meal, enter their meal selections here. You can customize your meal selections in iDo. Also, iDo provides you with ongoing statistics of RSVPs.


Attendees include all invited contacts who will be attending your client's event. In Attendees, review headcount and meal selections, and design the seating chart with iDo's powerful yet flexible table layout feature. Seating your client's guests is like a puzzle. Because of this, we provide the ability to quickly create a table layout and assign attendees to tables using drag-and-drop capabilities. iDo offers quick views of possible seating scenarios for the event.


iDo prepares you to track gifts for your clients, who gave them (either an individual contact or a group of contacts listed on an invitation), and if you sent a thank you note. Perhaps gift tracking may be a new service you could provide as a product offering. Print out the Avery® 8160 label report to speed up any thank you note effort.


Set your own pace using the wedding checklist. iDo comes pre-loaded with 100 wedding planning tasks that every bride and groom will need to address. The checklist is customizable so you can add, edit, or delete any tasks you like. All of the wedding tasks are grouped together in suggested time frames. By clicking the 'Open' filter, you will see a filtered list showing the tasks that you need to focus on.


Monitor all expenses incurred by your clients while planning their event. Create multiple budget templates for your weddings and events that are fully customizable for each event. Each budget template includes budget categories and expenses with corresponding percentages. Determine which budget applies to the event your are planning and copy it into the occasion. Enter your clients' total event budget, a number that can be changed at any time. iDo totals expenses and calculates how much money your clients have remaining based on their total wedding budget number. All expenses categorized as "Wedding/Event Planner" will be automatically saved in Invoices. Stay on top of your clients' budget and know exactly how much they have spent and how much they have remaining. Make sure your clients save all receipts in one location.


As you interact with many vendors on a regular basis, create a master vendor list. When it is determined that a client will be hiring a certain vendor, save that vendor's contact information in iDo and assign the vendor to the client's occasion. You may also assign excellence levels to your vendors. It is important to keep your vendor information organized to ensure that wedding and event specifics are handled smoothly and professionally. From the Vendor page you can quickly visit the vendor's web page, send them an e-mail or view a map of the vendor's address. Vendor information also appears in Budget and Finances so that you may identify the respective vendor when adding expenses.


Create multiple itineraries or timeline templates for any occasion stored in iDo. For example, you can plan the "who, what, when, where, and how" for your clients' "wedding day." Timeline reports with detailed information regarding when tasks should be completed and who is responsible for them ensure that everyone--bridal party and vendors alike--is on the same page. Timelines are also helpful for tracking travel arrangements.


Save important notes about an occasion in Notebook. Keep a log of conversations, observations and ideas. Any time that you would bill for should be entered in Contracts as a "Timesheet." You may wish to enter notes concerning a client’s multiple occasions. When you add notes, you are adding them one at a time for one specific occasion, but you may also wish to view all notes about a client. You can filter the notes that you wish to view. On the other hand, you may wish to enter a note about a client in general (not related to a specific occasion). Enter these notes in Clients.

Reports and Labels

Every section of iDo described above can be printed in an instant. Over 100 reports can be generated. Please contact Elm Software if you would like to have your company's logo in the header of each report, invoice and contract.

All reports are written using RTF and can be read by Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or any RTF compatible reader. Reports are easily e-mailed to clients and vendors as attachments. You can also print labels for Contacts, Invitations, Attendees, Gifts, Vendors and Widgets. We recommend using Avery® 8160 specification (white, size 1" x 2 5/8"), 8660 (clear, size 1" x 2 5/8") or L7160 (white, A4 paper size) address labels.

For more powerful label, envelope, and tentcard creation capabilities, please consider PrintJobs.


iDo has a comprehensive Help manual. Simply press F1 anywhere in the application to open the Help file. If there is something not covered in Help, please e-mail us or call us at 1-888-ELM-SOFT. We will provide a quick and thorough response to any question you may have.